Honey, I didn't hear a damned thing you said! (gregorbehr) wrote,
Honey, I didn't hear a damned thing you said!

Fuck, this homo is WIPED OUT!!!

Shan had a really rough night. We decided to wean her off the Fentanyl patch the other day. Well last night she totally removed it and was up until 6am with withdrawal jitters!!!

I didn't sleep well either, but did manage to get out of the house and have lunch with kevin_v5. That was really nice, cause it had been nearly a month, so good to catch up in person.

Then came home and took Shan on a few errands, plus a trip to Cost Plus, In & Out Burger (for an early dinner), The Container Store and finally home!

Its going to be a BUSY weekend. Lunch with a friend tomorrow for his birthday, and then *maybe* help a friend lay some flooring, then of course its Pride weekend.
I've decided I wasn't terribly thrilled with how some things played out with the Sisters hosting Pink Saturday, so I'm not going to work the event. This year, I'll just go and hang out with friends.
Then of course the Parade on Sunday. Shan wants to go, so we'll try it for a little bit, hopefully her back/leg will hold up long enough for her to enjoy it. We'll see how that goes...
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