Honey, I didn't hear a damned thing you said! (gregorbehr) wrote,
Honey, I didn't hear a damned thing you said!

Where did you go????

Hey there,

Well what little posting I've done has been on Facebook... you know the new LJ.
Its been since July since I posted on here, mainly because all that I have going on is either boring or a repeat of life.

So a quick recap:
Hurt my back pretty bad in mid July. That fucked up my Dore Alley and forced me to once again scale back my Lazybear Weekend down to just 3 nights from the 7 I had planned.

My car got side swiped and totaled out 3 days after coming back from LBW. So now I have a "new to me" Mazda Tribute.

I had an emergency surgery a week after LBW for a staph infected abscess inside of my prostate.
A VERY long and painful recovery, that didn't go well lead to another surgery just this morning.

So there you have it. Boring and repeat of my life. This makes the 7 surgery in 22 months.

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