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gregorbehr's Journal

Honey, I didn't hear a damned thing you said!
9 February 1969
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1980s, 30 something, 80's music, absolut, absolutely fabulous, annie lennox, architecture, are you being served, armistead maupin, atari, auntie mame, babylon 5, bald, battle star galatica, bauhaus, bbc america, bdsm, bear, bear porn, bears, bears and cubs, bellies, big muscle bears, bionic woman, blondie, body art, bondage, boots, boy george, briefs, brooches, buddhism, bugger, butch dykes, butts, castro, cats, changing rooms, chatting, cirque du soleil, coffee, cubs, cuddling, daddies, daddybears, david bowie, depeche mode, diabetes, diet pepsi, dork, dudes, dune, duran duran, ebay, erasure, facial hair, fetish, flirting, flogging, folsom street fair, frank lloyd wright, fresno, fur, gay, gay bear, gay bears, gay men, gay relationships, gaybears, goatee, goatees, guys, hairy men, harry potter, holding hands, husky men, i.m. pei, ikea, jack russell terriers, jacking off, jetsons, jocks, jockstraps, kilts, kissing, latex, leather, leather bears, lego, logan's run, london, margaret cho, masturbation, modern art, mr. s leather, muppets, muscle bears, musclebears, naked men, new order, nine inch nails, passat, philosophy, pop culture, queer eye, queers, rimming, s&m, safeway, san francisco, school house rock, sex and the city, sex in the city, shaved heads, singlets, sisters of perpetual indulgence, slurpees, snuggling, sony, space 1999, spirituality, starbucks, talk talk, tattoos, techno music, the b-52's, the castro, the women, they might be giants, trading spaces, travel, underwear, utilikilt, valley of the dolls, viagra, wanking, wesco boots, while you were out